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About SafetyFirst

SafetyFirst Systems is a driver safety firm focused on reducing the likelihood of commercial vehicle collisions by offering a mix of products and services that:

  • Help managers identify drivers who need the most immediate assistance to check habits before they lead to a crash
  • Equip managers to provide helpful feedback coaching to their operators that actually influences changes in habits
  • Streamline recordkeeping so that management reporting delivers urgently actionable recommendations instead of background noise
  • Innovate how managers approach driver safety programs and policies
  • Move the bar higher by integrating each client's insights developed from real world issues

In short, we help fleets with policy creation, policy education, driver education, driver qualification, driver performance monitoring and crash reporting.

We've structured our approach to coordinate with the ANSI Z15 standard's approach to systematically reducing crash activity.

We service all major business segments from construction and contractors to arborists and human services providers. We help fleets engaged in transport and delivery, local and long distance.

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