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Monthly: Ten-Minute Training Topics

Our "Ten-Minute Training Topics" are delivered via email to each enrolled client on a monthly basis. These training tools remind drivers of safety tips that may help them avoid complaint calls, violations and accidents.

The packets are delivered by email on a monthly basis. The packets include:

  • A guide for managers to prepare short safety talks or presentations to groups of employees
  • A two page handout for drivers to read during or after a presentation on the topic (these can be distributed to employees in lieu of a formal meeting, but we strongly encourage face to face meetings whenever possible to assure that the message is conveyed that management cares about safety and wants safe performance from employees)
  • A safety 'poster' for the company bulletin board (8.5 inches by 11 inches in size). The poster is attached to the driver handout sheets in case these are simply distributed to the employees, and to further reinforce the essential elements of the topic.
  • Occasionally, we also send a "Manager's Supplement" that covers additional information about the topic, including areas where your company may want to revise or refresh company policies on driving safety.
  • A power point presentation covering the material included in the driver handout.

Typically, safety managers preview the material prior to distributing it to their drivers - spending time carefully reviewing the manager's supplement (when provided with that month's issue). The manager's supplement provides additional insights, news stories and web site resource links so that the manager can demonstrate additional knowledge on the topic.

We maintain a resource library of previously published topics. Safety hotline clients may access that archive in order to substitute topics or to highlight specific topics of interest with their drivers.

While clients who are enrolled in our safety hotline program automatically receive a complementary subscription to this program, it is possible for clients to receive the monthly topics without participating in the hotline program (annual subscription fees are $695 per company per year).

Examples of past topics include: Distracted Driving; Lane Change Collisions; Drowsy Driving; Parking Lot Collisions; The Other Driver; Rules of the Road; Wildlife Collisions; Pedestrians; Aggressive Driving; Sharing the Road with School Buses; Winter Season Driving; etc.

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