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Online: Interactive Training Modules

You don't select your vehicle based on the number of cup holders or the size of the glove box; so don't fall for the many traps of competing driver education vendors:

  • Many sell unlimited access subscriptions to 500+ courses - while utilization and completion rates hover around 5-6% (that means you paid for 100% of the drivers to take 500 courses, but only 5-6% actually took one or two courses - and you wasted your money on the other 94-95% of the drivers)
  • The average online course runs between 37 and 42 minutes long while the average adult attention span is presently at 15 minutes. Do you think your drivers are listening and learning?
  • Do you think it takes 37 to 42 minutes to explain why the driver should use his/her turn signals (a disqualifying offense for CDL holders)? Or should it take five minutes to alert them to the potential consequences and get them back on the road?
  • Do you really value having 500+ training courses if half are simply Spanish language versions of the same titles?
  • Do you value having 250 courses @ 42 minutes each - that's 23.3 days of content at 7.5 hours per day - do you intend to have your drivers sit at a kiosk for a month of business days?

Why not try something different? How about this instead:

  • Short courses (five minutes or less) that don't try to teach drivers how to drive (they already know or you wouldn't have hired them), but instead teaches them about the consequences of risk taking habits and the need to change NOW.
  • Courses that offer very specific topics on the most commonly encountered driving issues
  • Courses specifically written to address GPS ALERTS and why drivers need to slow down, etc.
  • Courses written by safety and transportation experts and peer reviewed by safety managers prior to production?
  • Measuring UTILIZATION and COMPLETION rates instead of the raw number of courses available but unused to determine value from system?
  • Short quizzes that reinforce the key message instead of playing games with the driver (show the driver respect instead of treating him/her as a cheater-suspect who ignored the message)


  • Full integration with other SafetyFirst Systems OR available as a stand alone offering!
  • One click assignment of multiple courses to multiple drivers
  • Automation of ordering - assign one per month to all drivers for example.
  • Management reporting on utilization and completion
  • Reminders by email for course assignment, course completion reminders, etc.
  • Ability to print assignments for fleets whose drivers do not support email addresses
  • New courses under development at all times - your opportunity to get support for specific issues.
  • Custom course development at low prices!
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