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E-DriverFile is a secure, online, relational database system that provides managers with a centralized record keeping platform which assures uniform compliance with driver safety and vehicle safety policies across multiple locations/terminals. The system is scalable for fleets depending on their unique needs and existing vendor provided services (we can integrate with your current data providers to make a single sign on portal for all your safety reporting needs)

A short list of capabilities or modules available includes:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding/qualification
  • Driver file
  • Expiration/Renewal reminders by email (escalating by target date)
  • Driver file self-audit checklist
  • Scan-Upload of paper documents
  • E-signatures/E-documents for select DOT compliance issues
  • MVR ordering/profiling (batch/group/individual/automated based on date, etc.)
  • Blended numeric scoring (MVR, crash data, telematics alerts, MOR alerts,
  • Crash reporting
  • Vehicle assignments and details (i.e. tag renewals)
  • Training summary
  • Event database
  • Crash register

Pricing available on a per active driver per month basis or as an Enterprise License model.

Integration with your HR platform, Intermodal Driver Database (TWIC support), and optional online training modules for drivers.

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