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Supervisor Training: How to Coach/Counsel Drivers

Coaching, counseling, education and training each have different roles to play in your organization. For most supervisors no one has ever taught them how to "coach" a driver to want to improve their habits - most supervisors simply know one of two approaches - endless training to fix a performance problem (doesn't work) or progressive discipline when the driver's error may not be malicious but simply happening out of sheer habit.

We have produced a supervisory training package to help them understand that the coaching process is a way to help affected drivers agree to set a goal to modify their own habits. It's more training than blaming and more conversation than confrontation when it's done well.

Our program was produced with the assistance of real world supervisors who've been involved in coaching drivers for years. The practical tips will be very helpful to your supervisors.

GPS alerts? Videos of risky driving? You still need to coach the driver about how to modify their habits. Our program, while geared to support our safety hotline reports, will work very well for these other sorts of monitoring systems, too.

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