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SafetyFirst has a team of dedicated Account Executives (AE) who make regular, personal contact with each client. Why? Because we realize that running "performance management reports" and "logging into a Customer Portal" to manage a "system" is not the product or service our customers are bring to the market. We support our clients in being the best at what they do. And since we want our tools to be useful and user-friendly our AEs are willing and able to help each client use our tools to their fullest potential. Each AE builds a productive relationship based on a client's need and respect for the client's business goals.

Because we pride ourselves on the "ease of use" of our systems, SafetyFirst is built on the idea that people should talk to people:

  • Managers talking to Drivers about performance
  • SafetyFirst talking to clients about what works, what could be better, and how can we help each other
  • Insurance providers talking to fleet managers about ways to affordably increase savings and reduce accidents

At SafetyFirst, from our AE team to our Customer Service Reps in our 24/7 motorist observation call center, we are always working together with our clients to provide the best service possible. It sounds like a cliché, but the reality is; help us help you. Work with us, give us feedback on how we are doing, and together we will save lives and increase profits.

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