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6/1/2021 - Monthly Training Topic: Pedestrians & Cyclists distributed to SafetyFirst clients. When Pedestrians and Cyclists share the road with motorists there is always the danger of them being hit by the motorists.

5/19/2021 - SafetyFirst starts to assess if it is safe for employees to start returning to the office after almost a 14 month break due to the pandemic.

5/17/2021 - Video shoot at the corporate office. The tutorial video covered the process to be followed to install a four-way harness connection in your vehicle.

5/1/2021 - Monthly Training Topic: Driving While Intoxicated. Driving under the influence of alcohol contributes to about a third of all traffic fatalities each year. This far eclipses the number of deaths due to distracted driving and many other risky driving habits.

4/1/2021 - Monthly Training Topic: Backing Collisions distributed to SafetyFirst clients.

3/22/2020 - SafetyFirst attends virtual conference, Geotab Extend. Technology is the key to staying connected now more than ever. This message was clear at Geotab Extend 2021. They also learned how integrating hardware and software with telematics can support their business goals.

3/1/2021 - Monthly Training Topic: The Psychology of Driving distributed to SafetyFirst clients. While drivers spend less than 1% of their driving time in reverse, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that one out of every four vehicle accidents occur when backing.

5/1/2020 - Monthly Training Topic: COVID-19 Keeping Drivers Safe distributed to SafetyFirst clients. The topic takes an in-depth look into the impacts of COVID-19 on drivers. It also includes safety precautions to take while driving vehicles and how to interact with customers during the pandemic.

4/20/2020 - COVID-19 impacts the world!! All Employees working remotely. Everyone is urged to stay home if possible and maintain social distancing standards when meeting with others.

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