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Safety Hotline

The SafetyFirst program surpasses competitor's approaches for many reasons:

  • In-house expertise in safety and transportation - we've walked miles in the clients' shoes.
  • Timely dispatch of the most detailed reports in our industry - by email - no need to log in to obtain reports!
  • Driver training sheets sent with report (matched to the details of the report)
  • "How to Coach Drivers" training video for supervisors (attached to each report as link)
  • Guaranteed reduction in accidents
  • 24/7/365 Call Intake, Multiple Language (Global) Support for foreign operations
  • Close report and assign multiple short (five minutes or less per topic) online training modules in our proprietary LMS
  • Ability to blend hotline calls with preventable crashes, telematics alerts and MVR data for aggregated risk score.
  • Monthly driver training package sent by email for the benefit of ALL drivers - keep up the safety awareness and shake of complacency.
  • Largest online driver safety resource web site in the industry with hundreds of articles, presentations, training packages, downloadable resources, templates, tutorials, forms, and more!
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