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SafetyFirst has provided telematics platforms since 2001 - a decade more experience than any other provider in our industry space. We recognize that "one-size-fit's-all" is a sure way to waste money and time, we tailor our platform to your particular needs, fleet size and goals for the program.

Most deployments immediately identify opportunities to squeeze efficiency, but once those patterns have been adjusted, the system's impact on operations is typically "flat". However, due to our pre-deployment assessments our fleets typically see continued success in the following areas:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Idle Reduction
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts
  • Productivity Accountability
  • Dispatch Tools
  • Aggressive Driving (braking, acceleration, turns, etc.)
  • Integration with Cell Phone Lock Down technology
  • Mature, integrated management reporting capabilities

Don't become the next fleet who is in the "third year of a six-month pilot of three competing systems" without clear goals or measurable goalposts.

Instead align with an approach that emphasizes:

  • Lowest possible cost per month (i.e. hardware exclusive and hardware inclusive options)
  • Plug 'n Play versus Complex Monitoring scenario support
  • Integration with MVR scoring, How's My Driving and DOT compliance systems
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