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Proven Results

The SafetyFirst system has been thoroughly examined and professionally validated through extensive studies conducted by more than a dozen independent insurance companies and major carrier fleets. Most studies created and tracked statistical measurements which showed a marked reduction in crashes while other studies focused on man-hours saved or gained due to purposeful, focused manger-to-driver coaching and streamlined administrative tasks.

The overwhelming majority of the studies concluded that the investment in safety through the SafetyFirst program produced measurable results; reducing automobile accidents, saving money, saving time and saving lives.

The SafetyFirst Safety Hotline program, over the past 15+ years, has become the most widely studied and scrutinized drivers safety program in the industry and the only system to validate positive results of measured improvements.

One insurance company's study, in particular, conducted a head-to-head comparison of five "similar" vendors measuring the effectiveness of each program. Four of the five vendors provided data for the duration of the study. The fifth vendor who measured greater loss results and proved to be an inhibitor toward promoting highway safety was excused from the insurance company's value added program.

The insurance company's final conclusion?

"SafetyFirst, by far, offers a superior service. They know the importance of B2B2B relationship building and daily prove they care about our clients' safety and bottom line. They understand that our clients are concerned about the ROI of a driver safety program. SafetyFirst was the only vendor of the five initially studied to offer a program with a positive effect at reducing collisions at a reasonable price."

SafetyFirst's consistent track record of intelligent innovations and positive results causes us to go further with our clients. We offer our qualifications, a list of professional references, and documented results while others offers platitudes, attitudes and presumption.

Get to know us. Talk to our clients. See how putting SafetyFirst results in positive measures.

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