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MVR History Scoring

Fleet and Safety managers have long seen the value of periodic motor vehicle record (MVR) review to confirm the validity of each driver's license as well as to review the relative number of moving violations (by type/severity).

SafetyFirst delivers the ONLY industry compliant tool to identify high-risk drivers so you can intervene before accidents occur.

In fact, our system brings a streamlined approach to your MVR process - eliminating spreadsheets, re-keying data and thumbing through ACD code manuals to convert state codes to interstate codes.

Additionally, our system provides instant turnaround in most states to speed your qualification of driver applicants. PSP capable and e-consent ready, the system can handle regulated as well as non-regulated drivers with ease.

Whether you operate a sales fleet of sedans, a contractor fleet of pickups and stake bodies or an over-the-road fleet of big rigs, we can accommodate your unique concerns with a simple to use system that will help you stay in compliance with privacy regs.

You can set the system to score the violations based on your unique point system, and look at blended scores that incorporate your own history of company violations, company recorded crashes, automated enforcement fines, telematics alerts and more!

We can scale the system up or down depending on your needs and budget -- 24/7 web access to MVR information, optional email updates, too!

We have pricing plans for bare-bones systems and fully automated systems, giving you the flexibility to pay for precisely what you need and nothing more.

Database subscriptions allow for unlimited MVR pulls with no processing fees (you just pay state fees and database service fees) OR you can purchase MVRs at state fee with a modest processing fee if you don't need sophisticated management reporting or e-consent services.

Why not take a tour, or a test drive of our system to see for yourself how easy and valuable MVR scoring can be!

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