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Our Difference

Putting SafetyFirst makes a world of difference. What makes us the best?

  • The foundation of our program is based on our ability to partner with our clients, and along with their corporate management, really care about each driver’s safety and well-being. When we do our job, people's lives are saved. We know you want the same thing, too! That's why you never think "we are safe enough." Your company drivers depend on us to raise safety awareness, spot complacency, and catch people who are falling into "at-risk" behaviors beforebecoming involved in a collision.
  • We have assembled a team of experts at SafetyFirst from the Over the Road (OTR) transportation industry, the insurance and compliance industries, as well as technology and training professionals.
  • We listen to and leverage from the “real life” issues facing our clients. Our innovations, that have revolutionized the industry, are a direct result from feedback received from our clients. The reports we deliver are really used by mangers to coach at-risk drivers about performance and behavior issues.
  • Our CEO came to SafetyFirst in 1999 from the commercial insurance industry with a concentration in fleet safety applied directly to safe driving habits for CDL drivers, DOT regulated drivers, OTR carriers, and construction fleets using and hauling heavy equipment, as well as, delivery, sales force, utility, and maintenance drivers.

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