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Improved safety results can come from a combination of technology based devices and human interactions. For example, using a camera recording apparatus and a GPS recorder can generate mountains of data, but it may not be very useful unless there is an effective way to translate it into an actual remedy for modifying a driver's behavior before an accident occurs. When a supervisor is swamped with multiple operational issues, then a driver is more likely to miss the compassionate intervention needed to work on changing habits before they lead to a crash.

At SafetyFirst we can help you leverage your existing technology (usually regardless of vendor/manufacturer) and combine it with proven administrative programs that produce stronger results. If your current "onboard" technology vendors generally think in "wires and circuit boards" then let us show you how to connect their data to the human element needed for saving lives and avoiding rising costs.

SafetyFirst is the only company to offer custom data management services. We will work with your trusted partners to transfer data between databases and connect with your team to a have a uniformed process for handling safety administration at your multiple locations operation. Whether dealing with DOT compliance, MVR scoring, or other types of secure data, we have the capabilities and technology expertise to scale our system to fit your specific needs.

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