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Every year tens of thousands of people are killed in vehicle collisions and hundreds of thousands more are injured. Companies, such as yours, are concerned about this wholesale loss of life and work hard to reduce exposure to such tragedy.

Department of Transportation statistics (also supported by insurance company data) show that 90% of all accidents are the result of driver behavior and attitude. These studies also show that the majority of drivers are safe and less than 20% of drivers are responsible for the majority of crashes.

How can management identify the drivers who are "at-risk" of becoming involved in a crash? What resources exist to coach and help these drivers avoid collisions by checking their own attitudes and habits? How do we track and report all of this information in a simple, yet valuable way?

SafetyFirst's products and services provide your management team with:

All of this information can be tracked, seamlessly, through our E-DriverFile system.

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