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Industries Served

SafetyFirst is an industry leader with experts from the safety, insurance and technology fields who are devoted to their company mission - reduce commercial auto collisions. Our clients include the Property and Casualty Insurance industry and larger, private companies who use commercial vehicles to fulfill their day-to-day work: (click on an industry to learn more about how SafetyFirst has served that industry)


SafetyFirst works with contractors of all sizes to help assure safe vehicle operations. Our safety hotline service is applied to all sorts of construction vehicles:

  • Dump trucks
  • Redimix concrete trucks
  • Supervisors' pick up trucks
  • Drilling rigs, stake body and flatbed trucks

SafetyFirst works closely with the construction divisions of several large insurance carriers - many pay for the program as long as the participating client agrees to use the program faithfully to reduce collisions. The net effect of lowering the number of collisions makes insurance program pricing more stable, predictable and ultimately affordable.

SafetyFirst is also a partner of the National Utility Contractor's Association (NUCA) and NUCA members will receive a specially discounted price on the program (if not already covered by their insurance provider).

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Service Firms

All sorts of service organizations use our programs to better manage driver qualifications, accident reporting and to spot aggressive driving behaviors. We have relationships with:

  • Tree Trimmers
  • Pest Control Companies
  • Healthcare services
  • Security Companies
  • Waste Disposal Firms
  • Food Service Firms

SafetyFirst works with several specialty insurers to provide our programs to these unique and specialized companies. We are very responsive to the special needs of each service segment and have tailored our program to highlight these concerns. If you are worried that other fleet safety firms take a "one-size-fits-all" approach, talk to us - we work hard to fit our program to your unique needs.

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Food and beverages, tires, furniture, flooring systems, paint, valves or compressors - it doesn't matter what your company makes, we can help you to be sure it gets delivered and/or installed.

Drivers can suffer from distractions and can slip into "bad habits" - our programs help manufacturers to identify those few drivers who need the most urgent help from your managers.

Our programs actually save your time and resources by taking a proactive or preventative approach on safety issues - rather than spending time investigating as many accidents as before you used our programs.

Most of our insurance carrier partners have programs to work with manufacturers in many industry types, if your insurance carrier has not offered you our programs, call us and we will work hard to help you succeed at meeting safety goals for your company.

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Vans, busses, or cargo trucks - we handle it all.

One of our largest client segments includes companies engaged in transportation of goods or passengers.

Operators of vans, minivans, shuttle busses, and coaches all benefit from our programs - the qualification of drivers and recording of special training or licensing requirements is a snap with our OSCER program. Additionally, our safety hotline program helps assure that your drivers are at their full attention anytime they are behind the wheel.

We work with many types of trucking firms: LTL, TL, Long or Short Haul, and Specialty Carriers such as moving and storage, bulk gases, aggregates and chemicals.

Tow operators and recovery firms have used our services to reduce collisions on the way to a crash scene. In fact, we have an exclusive relationship with one of the largest, most respected tow insurance providers in the nation. During 2003, we added over 7,000 tow trucks to our programs enrollment sheets and we are still growing strong. Thank you to those dedicated service folks who come to our aid and rescue in "the middle of nowhere" when our cars and trucks break down!

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Social and Public Services

We are honored to work with people whose dedication is to helping others who are in need.

So many great organizations that help people also rely on vans and trucks to accomplish their mission of service. Our programs offer a way to keep the vehicles moving and assure safety to the clients and consumers of varied social and public service organizations.

We work with ARCs, UCP Chapters, Easter Seals Chapters, Para-Transit companies, and private, routine transfer ambulance and ambulette services.

We are members of the Community Transportation Association of Virginia (CTAV) and provide all CTAV members with a monthly driver-training topic as part of their support of CTAV.

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