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Behavior/Motivational Screening

Selecting a job applicant from a pool of candidates can be a daunting challenge.

*What you really need is to know the driver before you hire him/her.*

Many firms have long embraced personality, behavior and motivator assessment tools to get a glimpse of how the applicant may perform once placed on the job - how they may interact with co-workers and supervisors.

The assessments range from simplistic to completely tailored to your job specifics. The cost also ranges from inexpensive to very expensive; however, the added insights provided to your supervisors can be recovered by improving your selection process to find candidates who are more likely destined to "fit" rather than "fight" after they've been placed on the job.

Because there are a range of solutions, we'll help you identify your needs and the best fit program. Many companies merely sell a private label DISC program (which isn't pointless but may not provide what you need to capture to make the program produce predictable, consistent results.)

Further, when you combine these predictors with your other screening efforts you can improve safety, reduce legal exposures, and possibly lower insurance premiums.

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